Ny blogg nye muligheter.

Siden blogg.no den siste tiden har hatt mye feil og mangler som har gjort at min blogg blandtannet har vært uleselig i Internett Explorer har jeg nå bestemt meg for å flytte bloggen til et sted som bruker wordpress.

Denne bloggen kommer til å bli stående her,men jeg vil blogge på min nye adresse fra i dag av. Fremover kommer jeg til å bruke tiden på å bli kjent med alle funksjoner få på plass design osv. Håper dere titter innom min nye blogg og fortsetter å følge meg der!



Voss freeride 2011.

Hi all!

I have been slow on the blog updates lately but after Sogndal my life have been pretty boring since then.

Was in Oslo twice to watch the crazynes going on down there. The host of this blog blogg.no have fucked up things so if you read my blog  from Internet explorer most likely all you wil see is something who looks like chaos...Because of that i lost my bloging skills but now im back.


Headed over to Voss yesterday for this years competition and the 2nd stop in the norwegian freeride cup. Was pretty stoked because of all the snow and to see all the people again.

After the riders meeting mostly of the riders wasnt that stoked any more. Because of the awalanche danger they ended up on the same face as the last two years. A really boring face where it is just a few opertunities for lines.It's kind of bad whyn you pay that much to ride a contest and you end up riding this kind of face.

This morning we woke up to heavy snowfall and got really stoked about the conditions. Due to the heavy snowfall and the bad vision they canceled today's competition and will try again to morrow.

My body is not in good shape so for me it is good to get another day of rest.

Come back with more news tomorrow!



Sogndal freeride 2011

Friday morning the alarm went off 06.00 and the bus was leaving 07.00 up to the competition area.

Someone forgot to turn the light on so the first 20min up there the competition face was hard to orientate in since it was kind of white out and hard to see how the landings was. It was a steep and cool face with many futures. After many different lines in my head I got to compose my line, but on our way up I changed the last part since I could see that the landing was better than expected.

When it was my turn to drop in I was pretty calm that is unusual for me in comps. I use to be super nervous before I get the go. I had a easy line in the top ending up in a big drop in the bottom. As usual I lost my line already on top and didn't hit the top cliff as I wanted but it was ok. After my second element I totally lost it could not find my way to the exit point and my skiing felt really bad.

Jumped out a small waterfall instead of the cliff but I did not fall and it's like 2 years since last time I did not crash in a competition. Qualified as nr 12. who was ok. The top 10 riders really skied well today!!

On Saturday they opened the rest of the face ant it was a great competition area! Steep and many features all over the mountain. I chose a line in the center of the face pretty much straight down from the top ending in a short traverse in the bottom for a cliff but on the way up many people talked about go down in the same area and I started to be scared for only ice left for me so I figured out that I just should cruse some powder turns down the skiers right of the face and enjoy the good snow instead of be super nervous about my line and maybe get lost again. And so I did! It was a super nice run with good snow some small pillows and I had a good time. Pretty safe run and I had a good time on my way down. Came down and people asked if I totally lost my line again but no...


Skied safe the whole weekend and I got 8th place in the end so I'm happy with that. Maybe I should keep it simple in the future and get more top 10 spots...

A great weekend perfect conditions, good weather and all the cool people to hang out with so thank to you all!!

Fri Flyt's movie from the qualification day:


Fri Flyt's movie from the finals.



Sogndal freeride 2011

Tonight it's kick off in Sogndal with riders meeting and we will be able to see the competition face for the first time. The freeride cup has 6 stops this season and Sogndal are the first one. The last weeks sogndal have got loads of snow so i think this could be really fun! After last season i was pretty done with competitions and didn't know if it was that direction i wanted to take my skiing. It might be because of all my crashes or something but my feeling was that i was done with competitions the same day as i quit my ski jumping career.

When i signed up for this years competitions i was pretty shure i was going to say no to the comps i got in to but the last weeks i have been looking more and more forward to ride competitions again. It might be because i have got a good confidence on my riding this season after some great weeks in Canada and some good sessions in Voss. Don't know but i fell this could be a good season.

Started to fell the butterflies in my stomack last night when i was thinking about the competition and how it is from you wake up on a competition day until you go to bed. This is going to be a smashing weekend in Sogndal with good weather and hopefully some good competition conditions. Excited to see the face we are going to ride. In my head it hopes for some big mountain stuff but i think it will be some kind of open field combined with some forest skiing. Thats all for now going to post updates, pictures and videos from the weekend as often as possible!


Pimping my skis so they are in top shape before the Competition.

Both Python an Hula are ready for Sogndal. Gues the hulas wil be the competition skis...

My bag are filled with all the new beerenberg stuff so im ready for Sogndal!!



Back to normal.

After the weekend in Voss it was back to normal here in Hemsedal. My week have been pretty soft, working and skiing. No more snow so it have been mostly park skiing and some turns to look after some good snow but it looks like everything have fallen in West this winter.

After a weekend with some friends up here I decided to use my Monday to sleep, drop by House of Hygge and get done with the Canada Movie. So now you can check it out here on my blog.

This week I will work a couple of days and then Head over to Sogndal for this winter's first freeride competition. It looks like it can be a epic weekend over there. Totally bluebird and -16 degrees all weekend. With the snow they got last week's it should be sick but I'm kind of scared that the wind have been over there to and made the snow wind packed on some spots and that kind of sucks of you don't know if you land in powder or packed snow after a cliff. Hard to decide the size of your cliff when you don't know if it will be a soft or hard landing but I'm looking forward to it. Our trip to Voss gave me a good confidence on my skiing so hopefully I can turn my crashing strikes from last year over to some positive skiing and get a score this year!!

I will come back with more as soon we are there!


West coast pow!

After some weeks back home in Hemsedal with work and park shred we heard some rumors about a huge snowfall over the west side again. Since Hemsedal has been outside the snow field this winter me and Mr. David Underland decided to leave the valley and go for a weekend in Voss. After some phone calls and organizing we were ready to go. But all ready on the way over rv 52 we got "problems" the road was closed because of storm and bad vision so we got told to wait 1.5h but luckily after 15 min they were able to open the road again. the closer we got to Voss the more snow we could see and the snowfall was increasing! After a short visit at Benjamin Hjort's place we headed down town Voss to meet up with Asbjørn Hellås and drove up to Kjøttulf's apartment that we slept in the first night. We woke up 7am on Saturday to 20cm fresh pow on the ground. After breakfast we drove up to Bavalen and Voss resort. Since we was there 8.45 and the lift's didn't start before 9.30 we took it easy. Headed down to the lift after getting our lift tickets and still had 30 min to wait. Around 9.15 the local "hero" Eirik Øvereide came and fixed us in so we could get up 15 min before all others. So now we was ready for first tracks and had our own local guide. On top it was blowing but we could see that it was loads of snow. Dry and nice pow! We started off with a mellow run who was ok but not top 10. After this Eirik decided to take us out to a nice shot in the forest that he knew was untracked. Oh yea it was untracked. Nice wide open field packed with snow from top of the mountain and all the way down! After this run we was pretty stoked! Was it possible to get something better? The day went by like this on and on again. It was crowded up there but the local guides knew how to find the secret spots! After a short lunch break Eirik left us and we started to discover the mountain by our self. On a run in the forest we totally missed out and found a line who was packed with trees and was tracked. Half way down I managed to fall out a 3-4m high cliff backwards and en up under a tree who was 1,5m away from the cliff. Pretty shocked and stuck. But I got out of it and was good to go again! After this we headed back to a cliff band on top of the gondola that we bombed before lunch but we had a double drop that we wanted to hit. On our first try we missed it but found a nice 8-10m cliff that we jumped off. First Asbjørn and David got some nice air of it and they tried to tell me that I could take it from the top as a double but in my head it looked tricky since I had to turn 90 degrees after the first landing to not land in some trees so I sent it from the top and straight out. We got it on film and it was super sweet!

On our next try we found the cliff we wanted and had a good session on it. Tired after a day with skiing from 9-4 we headed down to by some stuff and find a place for our camp. We was going to camp in a tent that night. It was a great night out! Fire place inside David making a great dinner some cold beers and just relaxing.

we woke up early on Sunday ready for another great day of skiing. Today Benjamin Hjort was our guide and he found some nice spots for us but we was pretty crushed after Saturday. After lunch we tried some more runs before we called it a day around 14.00. It was a super sweet weekend with so many nice people around and good to get some cliff jumping done. Now we are ready for Sogndal next weekend and the first competition this winter.

Will post a video later from the trip but I have two short ones for you. The first you can try to figure out what happened in and the other is a short edit from some park action from Monday.


What happend her??


Some action from the park on Monday.


Wil post pictures and Video from Voss soon!

Back home in the valley!

After three fantastic weeks in Canada I'm back home in Hemsedal. It felt kind of strange to be back here after three weeks in powder heaven. Some snow has fallen since I left, but it is still a bad season. Saturday morning I meet up with photographer Nils-Erik Bjørholt and the Vertikal Team. He was going to shoot some pictures of the team riders to Vertikal's new catalog and asked if I wanted to join and try to get some pictures done for Beerenberg. We had a plan but bad light and lack of snow made us change the plans. We ended up on a spot we used in November last season who was really fun with many opportunities on a small area. We got some ideas and started off with different things. Martin Ruud from the Vertikal team decided to go for a back flip and built a little jump to get some help to get airborne. And yea he stomped it and got a good shot. My body and head was still in Canada so everything didn't go as planned but in the end we got some shoots as well.

On Monday I was back at work trying to get in to the normal life again. So for the next weeks I will try to get some work done and see what happens in the rest of my season. Got a spot in the freeride competition in Sogndal so 17th- 20th of February I will try to get some good runs in sogndal and don't crash as I do way to often in Competitions.

Will try to post some updates on what's happening in the next weeks. Have a plan in my head so let's see if I can get it done! Tell you if I can manage that! :D

Checked if the 2012 Beerenberg clothes could handle a crash and they did! Photo: Nils-Erik Bjørholt


Photo: Nils-Erik Bjørholt


All for now... More to come! Try to get the Canada edit online soon!!



Stuck in Revelstoke

Right now we should have been on our way to Calgary so we can fly out tomorrow evening but because of all the snow and temperature changes the roads out of Revelstoke is closed. Rogers Pass might open 8pm but it doesnt look good. The long way round is closed until Monday so we might have some problems to reach our flight. If Rogers Pass opends tonight we wil be able to get to Golden but there the road is closed again but it maybe another road out of there so we can reach the flight. Hopefully we wil get trough the pass and be back home on Monday as planned... We have made the first webisode of God Stemning Tv so chek it out! Episode 2 will be online later tonight or tomorrow morning...


Down day.

The days in Revelstoke runs by. Mostly it is all about skiing and hanging out with cool people. Meet many nice people we know from before and even some really nice locals. The snow here is totally on our side it has been snowing almost every day since we arrived. One day with bluebird and the rest is history. Because of all the snow it haven't been much weather for photo or filming but we got some nice photos and one good video shot the day with bluebird. Tomorrow I guess will be our last day skiing in Canada for this time and it is dumping outside the window so it will be another great day.

Today was kind of a down day. Started great with really good snow and while we was waiting for the South bowl to open we found some nice mini golf runs in the beginning of North Bowl. In the second run out there I found a nice little drop but the landing wasn't as steep as I hoped so lost both my skis in the landing. After 45 min I gave up to find one of my skis so then the day was over. Skiing down with one ski Erik Helped me out and gave me one of his skis down to the middle station. Luckily I have two pairs with me so tomorrow we will try again and hope to keep both skis on! :D

Post some pics I found on my cam before I will give you more footage later on!


Mustache all the way! :D

Nice view from the resturant!

This is where we are at the moment.

Ass Tired after a long skiing day!

On the top of South bowl!

Nice skiing in the open forest.

Pretty stoked on the 2012 Dr Zipe Pimp goggles!! Good shit on it's way!

Had a nice run down here..the face i skied in the video on last post! :D


Have a nice and snowy day norway!



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